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​Debbie Connolly is represented by Naidre Werner of Pink Croc Media who can be contacted for quotes, articles, appearance bookings or pictures.
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Pet Professional Guild

Debbie Connolly is a Full Member of the Pet Professional Guild of Force Free Trainers. Using fair, positive reward based methods and no shock or prong products.

My Dog Has Bitten

Debbie Connolly acts as a court Expert Witness for DDA cases.  If you are involved in a bite incident, see our dedicated site for help.

Other organisations

Click on the logos to see the Pet Education Trust and Bravo Working Dog Rescue.  Our team of volunteers,trainers and our amazing PR helpers, Five Mile Media, offer a professional and effective approach to pets and problems.

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About us


Debbie Connolly has over 30 years experience of pets in boarding, training, behaviour, strays, rescue and consulting. She appeared as a Dog Training expert in the TV series "Dog Borstal" and "Britain's Most Embarrassing Pets" and has many published articles, radio and TV appearances.

Debbie founded SafePets in 1995 and is also the Training & Behaviour Adviser to the Pet Education Trust and Bengal Cat Helpline.


She also runs a specialist rescue, helping failed and retired Police, Military and Security dogs, Bravo Working Dog Rescue.

For training & rescue enquiries, call us 0208 1445799
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